Custom Screen Printing


Sky is the limit when it comes to available products for custom screen printing. Each product has its unique features that may determine the type of inks required or other considerations to properly imprint a specific garment. You can leave the details for us to determine but there may require additional charges. You can always use the product categories on the top menu navigation or go to the following page that lists our available suppliers [click here].


The primary difference is the garment White or Colored.  Why does this matter? When printing on most Colored Garments, most notably darker colors like Black or Red, plastisol inks lack the opacity to prevent dye migration.  This is simply put as the bleeding of the dye color of the garment into the ink color dye.  Combine the two factors of plastisol inks and the dye migration it is necessary to first print a White Underbase on most Colored Garments.  This process prevents the dye migration and allows the following plastisol inks to print in their true color spectrum.

Another way to see this is with a customer providing the artwork which you can see has 2 colors.  Let's use Austin Cotton's logo for example which has Purple and Yellow.  To print this artwork on any colored garment it would require a 3rd color which will not be visible called the White Underbase.  This layer of White Ink creates for all intended purposes a white canvas from which we can print any color on top.  The only other variation might if a customer's artwork contained Purple, Yellow and White.  Sticking with our Austin Cotton logo colors as an example this would add a 4th color called a White Highlight layer of ink.  Remember, plastisol inks lack the opactiy so that White Underbase layer isn't 100% opaque enough so it's necessary on most garment colors to print the 4th and final layer called a White Highlight.

There are many more variables when it comes to ink colors, addivitives, artwork, screen mesh counts, screen printing methods and the substrate to be printed these can be fine tuned after the initial quoting stage.


This will determine how many screen setup charges are need to properly print each piece of artwork. Additionally, each print location is printed one at a time. For each additional imprint location is another setup on the press and another run through the dryer.  We also have our printing specifications and allowable imprint sizes for each location on a garment, tote or accessory.  Quick list of standard printing locations: Center Chest, Left Chest, Right Chest, APEX, Center Back, Left Sleeve and Right Sleeve (see example below).


Again this will determine the number of screens required per imprint location.  Each additional ink color does add to the overall imprint cost of a garment, tote or accessory.  Pricing for each additional imprint colors is based on the total quantity to be printed.  You can view our standard bucket ink colors available [click here].


We offer pricing breaks as the total quantity to be printed increases.  Currently our price breaks occur at 12, 24, 36, 72, 144 and 288.  For larger quantities please contact us to receive the best possible price available.